Meal Planning 101

How to Start: Meal Planning 101

  1. Start small and simple!
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  2. Pick your meal planning style that suites your family. Examples: cook 2-3 nights per week and make leftovers for the other nights, 2 major proteins per week, theme night (soup night, vegetarian, breakfast, taco night, Italian, etc.)
  3. Commit 30-45 minutes each week or weekend to meal plan for the upcoming week.
  4. Plan out each day that upcoming week to determine whether you need a quick cooking meal or
  5. Look for recipes online, in magazines (I like Cooking Light), or on Pinterest (check out my page here:
  6. Alter recipes to make them your own! Add and replace ingredients or leave off ingredients your don’t like!
  7. Make your grocery list and schedule one day to go.
  8. Have fun!

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What has worked for my husband and me is 3 major proteins per week, 1 breakfast meal (Sunday night), and 1 vegetarian night. I use chicken, seafood, turkey, and occasionally pork and beef to plan 2-3 chicken meals, 1-2 seafood meal, 1 turkey/pork/beef meal, 1 breakfast meal, and 1 vegetarian meal.


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