Lunch Ideas

Let’s talk about lunch…

The meal that so many of us eat outside the home…whether it be at Wendy’s, Panera, McDonald’s, the local pub or cafe, school/work cafeteria, etc. Even ordering the healthiest option on the menu isn’t always the best option compared to what we could pack and bring from home! Take 5-10 minutes the night before to put a lunch together to bring with you to work the next day. If you’re stuck on what to pack, aim for a protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable (or fruit) source.

Here are some fun and easy options to get you started!

Salad Recipes:

Grapefruit, Avocado, and Prosciutto Breakfast Salad  grapefruit-avocado-prosciutto-salad

Cranberry Almond Broccoli Salad  cranberry-almond-broccoli-salad

Harvest Salad with Roasted Citrus Vinaigrette and Spiced Pecans  harvest-salad-roasted-citrus-vinaigrette


Sandwich/Pita Recipes:

BLT Summer Roll Recipe - The classic BLT reconstructed and offered in new form -- in a Summer Roll recipe with Avocado - these are made with only six ingredients and 30 minutes and make for the perfect appetizer, lunch or light dinner. No bread to distract you from the full flavors of the real stars in the standard sandwich. Low carb, paleo, dairy free and gluten free.   blt-summer-roll-recipe

Avocado-Egg Salad Sandwiches with Pickled Celery  avocado-egg-salad-sandwiches

Caprese Wraps with Chicken  caprese-wraps-with-chicken

This recipe is good idea how to use leftovers of cooked chicken or rotisserie chicken. In less than 10 minutes you can make a whole bunch of these yummy Chicken Avocado Salad Roll Ups.  chicken-avocado-salad-roll-ups


Other references:

Simple No Cook Snacks  This link has great ideas for lunch. I call these “bistro box” recipes. Bistro Box recipes

Also, check out my Pinterest page for other lunch recipes!


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