Weekly Meals

Week of 6/5 – 6/9

Chard-Stuffed Trout With Charred Tomato Vinaigrette  Monday: Chard-Stuff Trout with Tomato Vinaigrette

This is a new recipe for me! If trout is not available at your local grocery store, another type of white fish can be used. You can use fish fillets instead and top it with the chard mixture instead of stuffing it. New vegetable this week: swiss chard. This vegetable is a beet with large leaves and bright colored stalks. Swiss chard is mild in flavor (very similar to other leafy greens) is adds lots of color to your dish! Serving size: 6-8 ounce fish with 1 cup vegetable mixture

RecipeChard-Stuffed Trout

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken with Roasted Potato Vegetable Salad

The star of this meal is the side dish roasted potato vegetable salad. This side dish is fairly simple to make and is baked on a single pan. Serving size: 4-6 ounce chicken with 1 cup potato salad

RecipeRoasted Potato Salad

Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad - the perfect side dish to bring to summer potlucks, parties, Memorial Day / Fourth of July grillouts/barbecues. Best of all, it's so easy to make and has all the classic flavors of a caesar salad. Perfect for Sunday meal prep and leftovers are delicious for school or work lunchboxes or lunchbowls.  Wednesday: Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

This recipe can be a fast dinner meal or one to pack for lunch! I love the salad dressing recipe. If you look at store bought salad dressings, majority of them contain so much sugar and ingredients that we cannot pronounce! This creamy Caesar dressing and other vinaigrette dressings are easy to make at home and can be refrigerator for weeks in a mason jar or other storage container. Serving size: 1 – 1 1/2 cups salad mixture

RecipeChicken Caesar Pasta Salad

The best ONE PAN lemon garlic parmesan chicken and asparagus  Thursday: Lemon Parmesan Chicken & Asparagus 

A one pan meal here with lots of color and flavor! The only changes I made to the recipe was reduce the amount of oil and butter used and replaced it with cooking spray. Serving size: 4 ounces chicken with 5-10 spears of asparagus

RecipeLemon Parmesan Chicken & Asparagus

Greek Turkey Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce and Greek Tomato Salad- Juicy turkey burgers topped with cool, creamy tzatziki sauce, feta and a Greek tomato salad for maximum flavor. Serve them in pitas for a fresh and flavorful dinner!  Friday: Greek Turkey Burger

I love to make homemade burgers at home on the weekends…it’s like going out to eat without all the extra calories restaurants add to their food! This recipe uses pita bread as the bun, but you could also use a regular whole wheat hamburger bun. Serving size: 4 ounce turkey burger

Recipe: Greek Turkey Burger


Grocery List: chicken breasts or tenderloins, lean ground turkey, white fish fillets, asparagus, lemons, parmesan cheese, onions, garlic, spinach, cucumber, multi-colored peppers, swiss chard, red potatos, corn on the cob, capers, olives, croutons


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