Mindful Holiday Eating

Since next week is a holiday, I thought I would do something a little different and talk briefly about mindful holiday eating. I didn’t come up with these but they are helpful in taking on the holiday season when it comes to eating!

  1. Avoid skipping meals. While you may think you are “saving calories,” you may actually be causing yourself to overeat. Have a healthy breakfast and lunch on Thanksgiving or Christmas and keep in mind the tips below when going into the dinner meal.
  2. Have a plan. Go into the big dinner meal with a plan and stick to it! For example, maybe at a buffet type party you plan to go through the line once for 1 (or 2) small plates of food and finish with 1 small dessert. Or for a sit down dinner, you serve yourself 1 protein with 3 sides (at least one being a vegetable) and leave at least half of each serving on your plate to save room for 1 dessert. This way, you get to try everything and not over do it! The key is moderation!
  3.  Make half your plate fruits/vegetables. Don’t forget to give these guys some love during the holidays!
  4. Avoid overeating. Use a smaller plate, avoid excessive snacking in between meals, and stick to your established meal schedule. Spend more time with friends and family than with food.
  5. Avoid grazing. Try to stick to your every day meal schedule and avoid snacking on sweets and other foods all day long. While one bite of this and one bite of that doesn’t seem like that much at the moment, it can add up calorie-wise throughout the day!
  6. Get some exercise after you eat. Invite the whole family for a 30 minute walk or a game of football after the meal which has many benefits including digestion, boost energy, improve mood, and control weight.
  7. Have fun & be thankful for all the Lord has given us! 



One thought on “Mindful Holiday Eating

  1. Thanks Mere. I like your post for mindful holiday eating. We will miss seeing you tomorrow on Thanksgiving and look forward to getting together at Christmas!
    Love you both,


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